May 26, 2015-10:18PM

Editor’s note: I asked Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess to share his thoughts on some of the latest and greatest alternatives to the traditional piano keyboard when it comes to musical and timbral expression and control. AS is Jordan’s wont, he sent me a detailed and well considered missive, which was distilled into the article “The Fretless Keyboard” in our June 2015 issue. As Jordan and I wanted to share it with you in its entirety, here is his original manuscript, only lightly edited. --Stephen Fortner

February 13, 2015-02:13PM

Seemingly everything is USB-powered these days, including electronic music gear such as the Akai MPX16, Novation MiniNova/UltraNova/Bass Station II, Roland TB-3, and Waldorf Rocket. Sure, you can run them off a laptop or smartphone charger, but a hefty USB battery may work as well.

December 30, 2014-10:10AM

"I’d heard Jimmy Smith records before, but never saw or played the instrument itself until my father brought an organ home..."

December 19, 2014-04:17PM

When melody, harmony and rhythm interact in a meaningful way, it is powerful and magical. It can ignite emotion and provoke thought. When listening to current mainstream music however, it becomes very clear that the place of melody as one of music’s basic building blocks, is being reduced substantially, making space for other elements, such as texture and rhythm. Television composer Yuval Shrem, who is also the developer of Fable Sounds' "Broadway Big Band" library, examines this phenomenon at length, in historical context.

October 28, 2014-01:46PM

The first few milliseconds of a sound define a lot of its character. Here are some tips for adding cool attack transients to your sound.

June 16, 2014-05:14PM

The Key Buy is Keyboard magazine's award for outstanding musical instruments and music technology products. In this blog entry are the most often-asked questions from readers and music products manufacturers about it, along with our answers.

June 16, 2014-05:07PM

New gear pics and random musings from our editor-in-chief Stephen Fortner.

June 16, 2014-05:00PM

Our resident cartoonist Dave "the Packrat" Lovelace offers an irreverent yet affectionate take on attending his first-ever NAMM show.

June 16, 2014-05:05PM

New gear favorites and random musings from our editor in chief at NAMM 2014.

June 16, 2014-05:48PM

In November of 2011 after I returned from a tour of Europe with my band, my father Martin Regen (now 74) was diagnosed with kidney and lung cancer simultaneously. Here's the story of how I collaborated with a renowned oncologist to make an album that ultimately proved invaluable to my dad's healing process.


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